Tribes Are Investing in Washington

Tribes of Washington

Washington’s 29 tribal governments are making significant investments in the state’s quality of life. They are large employers, fiscally independent governments and contributors to the public good. Growing tribal economies fund schools, housing programs, health clinics, environmental rehabilitation, infrastructure, law enforcement, firefighting and other public services.

Making Investments for a Stronger Washington

Investing in the Economy

Tribal businesses and governments make purchases, hire vendors and make capital investments that support growth in the Washington economy.

Economic Activity

$6.6 billion

in gross state product

$1.5 billion

in wages and benefits

$1.2 billion

in state and local taxes

Retail worker

Investing in People

Tribes are a top Washington employer—collectively ranking seventh in the state for number of employees. From gaming to construction to restaurants and more, tribal enterprises are major job creators for all Washingtonians, Indian and non-Indian alike.



direct employment


jobs trace back to tribes

1 in 86

Washington jobs


Investing in Communities

Because tribes are governments, 100 percent of tribal enterprise income is government revenue. This means that profits from tribal enterprises go back into Washington communities, paying for public goods, services and amenities.

Community Impact

$10.5 million

to government, fire and police

$13.1 million

to charities

$5.9 million

for smoking and problem gambling cessation

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