Washington’s tribal government leaders are building a better future for all of us by investing in public safety, education, and jobs.
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Washington’s tribal government leaders are building a better future for all of us by investing in public safety, education, and jobs.


Washington Tribes has produced 6 new videos demonstrating how Northwest tribes are positively contributing to our communities.  The videos can be found on the Washington Tribes YouTube channel and the right sidebar below.

All Washingtonians aspire to the same basic things - safe communities, excellent schools, decent jobs, clean air and water, good health and roads and transit that make travel easy. We want our kids to have more opportunities than were given to us. And we value a culture where neighbors help neighbors.

Washington's tribal government leaders are making investments to improve the lives of people on their reservations and throughout our state.

This website shares information about how Washington state's 29 tribes are helping to build a better future for everyone.

Tribal governments in Washington state...

  • Employ more than 27,300 people statewide
  • Pay more than $1.3 billion annually in employee wages and benefits
  • Buy more than $2.4 billion annually in goods and services from private companies
  • Generate more than $255 million annually in state and local taxes

Tribal governments are investing in:

  • Public safety - setting up police, fire and court services on reservations; and providing financial aid to city and county police/sheriff agencies and fire districts

  • Culture - Native American culture has flourished in our region for thousands of years, and by investing in tribal community-building organizations, museums, art and cultural centers, school programs and the annual Canoe Journey, Washington's tribes are working to ensure native culture continues to be an integral part of our regional identity, for Indians and non-Indians alike.

  • Education - building K-12 tribal schools and providing college scholarships; and giving grants to make up for budget cuts in public schools

  • Jobs - investing in retail, tourism, entertainment and manufacturing projects to create jobs for all people, especially in rural communities.

  • Environment - Tribal environmental planning and natural resource programs play a critical role in efforts to restore and protect important environments, habitat and natural resources.

  • Communities - Revenues from tribal enterprises are re-invested on the reservation and in nearby communities to pay for services such as education, healthcare, housing, public safety, transportation and economic development.

Washington Tribes in the news:

  • To help assist 530 Slide relief and recovery, the Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA) donated $25,000 to Snohomish County response efforts at its recent meeting. A number of tribes, including the Stillaguamish, Tulalip, Snoqualmie and Sauk-Suiattle, have also made generous contributions to support this community in need. Our thoughts continue to be with the residents of Oso and Darrington and all affected by this tragedy.

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